Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Creative

A dusty box of 88 records are found in almost every basement – treasured keepsakes from our teenage years – or childhood years or for my kids their response is, “never heard of ‘em”   anyway, if you are not planning to buy a “retro” record player or wait till your ship comes in and your scratched 88 of “The Partridge Family Up To Date starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy” has yet to sky rocket in price on ebay.  How about make a WITCH HAT out of them.  I also read how you can melt them in the oven and make a bowl – (if you are really daring)

The other cool thing to do is paint on them - your FRONT DOOR RECORD WREATHS will be the spookiest edition “in record” to your Halloween décor.  And the bonus is if you get tired of them in a couple of years you can take them all apart and play such treasured titles as Pat Benatar, The Romantic Rachmaninoff, Waltzes For Dancing, The Mormon Tab Choir (several arrangements), Surf Punks Locals Only and Soft Cell Tainted Love.

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