Monday, November 9, 2009

MONDAY morning and my advice is to NOT let the TURKEYS get you down

When I was sixteen I discovered Sandra Boynton's art work and have loved it ever since.

This week is crazy (although - it seems every week is crazy- why do we do it???)

Anyway, I should be painting Santas and Nativities but I am still spending time with a bunch of Turkeys - and though sometimes the "turkeys" in our lives get us down...these guys are pretty nice to me. However, I never seem to be able to get them finished - I am starting to wonder if they will be with me forever - and as a cute guy in a blog I read said
"chicken day is coming" so I better hurry.

Here is what I should be working on... the snowmen are coming but the Santas and Nativities are so sad because they are sort of naked - oh dear...I wish I could invent a way to not need sleep. Because when I go without sleep I get wrinkles, a grumpy next-day
and surveys say it will shorten my LIFE - wow that is a big price to pay!!
But I do love the quiet of the night and the feeling that I got sooooo much done at 4am!!

Santas and Nativites

Snowmen ornaments
As my 15 years old daughter Grace said for her daily shout out today,
"don't let the Turkeys get you down
remember all your STUFF!"

Yes, I couldn't agree more!!

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