Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TRUE " joy in the kitchen"

Hi folks...I wanted to tell you about my week of "TRUE joy in MY kitchen." My girls, Grace and Lucy, have decided to do a 10 hour project for their youth group in our Church, The Church oF Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

They planned a menu, went shopping and now have started fixing dinner every night for our family!!

It is fantastic! Monday nights dinner was actually prepared by Lucy, my 12 year old, and it was the BEST SOUP I have ever had.
(I know that I could be a bit biased but I am telling you it was PERFECT.)

Lucy informed us as we sat down to eat with 5 of our family and 3 of Will's (my tall second son) friends, that she had made a few changes and hoped that we liked it!!
It was amazing to see her smile and thrill as we each told her how much we loved it and then ate every bite and basically licked the pan!!!
She got the recipe from a new cookbook BLISS. - and JOY is the master chef behind the cookbook is as fun as the cookbook. The recipe she made was the Broccoli Cheese soup on page2 of the "entrees and dinners" section.

I hope JOY will be selling it at my Christmas show and you all can get a copy for you and a friend!!

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