Monday, October 31, 2011

ON THis ScaRY HaLLOweeN DaY - We Wish yOu a VeRY SPoOkY, FUn, SafE and BuSY daY.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jeni and I have been creating together since we were little children. We learned to see the world through our dad's artistic eyes. While on family vacations, he would often point out a beautiful sunset or a majestic mountain range. He looks for the beauty in the world. He excels at watercolor, oils and pencil sketches, and every week, he paints a new masterpiece for my daughter Lillie at the top of the Sunday comics.
Dad has passed his love of art down to us.
Jeni and I feel so fortunate to have these 2 wonderful people in our lives.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our mom taught us how to serve.
She taught us cooking, entertaining, sewing
(she made our costumes, pictured here),
laundry, housekeeping and everything else.
Mom served her 6 children tirelessly and gave us skills to survive in this world.
With Thanksgiving approaching, we feel an extra debt of gratitude for our wonderful parents.
We love you mom and dad!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jeni Gochnour's Christmas Art Show!

Here are some of our vendors participating in this year's show:
Whosies and Whatnots
Big Brown House
Verla Ivans
CKB Creations
Jude Marsh
A Trendy Trinket
Michael Ethington
MKM Handiwork
Vintage Fern
Keeping Up Cookbook (Favorites)
Alicia Richardson

Heidi Loewen
Dani Lassiter
Katie Behunin
Andrea Ludlow
Sarah Flynn
Angie Morgan
Joni Harmon
Karen McCoun  
Jennifer Jensen
London Brown
Mary McBride
Nancy Jones  
Anne Hartman

Jenn Sampson
Sara Christensen
Lisa Anderson
Nalisa Dunford
Annie Wheeler
Jeni Gochnour
Alisa Stoddard
Stacey Foster
Mandy Buntjer
Brittany Fenton
Kate Allen
Carrie Poulsen
Mindy Myers
Lance Olson
Melissa Mecham
Amy Curtis 
Barbara Stilinovich
Cynthia McBride  Jenifer Kimber
Judy Hollingshead
Lacee Frampton
Tausha Brinton
Danielle Leatham
Anne Scott
Lori Cannon
Lorie Duckworth 

Our Upcoming Show!

We have just wrapped up our Halloween Show and it was wonderful! 
Thank you to all our vendors who make the show shine!
Our next show will be:
Tuesday, November 29th
Wednesday, November 30th and
Thursday, December 1st.
We like having it during the week so we can be with our families on the weekend!
Please come by and see us. 
We have all of our wonderful artisans and some new ones as well.
Holladay City Hall 
4580 South and 2300 East

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