Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 8...of this THANKFUL MONTH...

I should never to promise to write everyday !!!??? I will never do it but....I did spend the weekend in Carmel - Monterey - Pebble Beach, California - it was AWESOME! I don't golf but being there -I THOUGHT I maybe I should???? Or just all "golf lessons" to my bucket list!  

Jeff and I spent the weekend with some friends in this beautiful part of the world.  I need to go on a diet now but of course I am getting ready for the show so that is hard when my diet is candy, pop and NO SLEEP - OH DEAR and then comes Christmas.  
OH well - I will just buy bigger pants :)

Anyway, did go to the Henry Cowell Redwood Forest outside of Santa Cruz (on the recommendation of the famous JULIE M)..which IS one of the things on my "bucket list"  - "see a redwood forest!"  If you can go......GO - it will take your breath away.  
It was everything I thought it would be -  to stand by these old fellows and feel their ancient spirits and the whisper of the wind high above our heads.  

As I sat looking at these GIANTS someone off in the distance was whistling "You Fill Up My Senses" by John Denver!!!  
It was magical....I am THANKFUL for for TREES :)

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