Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 9....of Things I am THANKFUL FOR...

Today my sister Sara - (the one who's birthday is 11/11 
and again who without her the show would not happen) 
sent me a blog of her dear friends Mary's Daughter,

WILSON LOVE, Shauna Cox Wilson.  
Her little Tenley has leukemia and this blog is a blessing 
to all those who have the chance to read it.  
Shauna is a beautiful writer and as I read it this morning 
I will filled with THANKFULNESS for people like her and her cute husband 
that find strength in their trials...

It made me reflect on how LUCKY I am and how precious this life is. 
At how important time it and the way we spend it.  
So THANK YOU SHAUNA for sharing this journey with me - 
it has readjusted my day and has centered me again.  
Today I am THANKFUL for inspiring people... 

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