Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Denver in the Fall was a GOOD idea!

We just had the most fun in Denver, CO! 

It was a quick trip but filled with amazing buildings and the best food! 
We stayed in the LoDo district of Denver. At the CRAWFORD HOTEL at Union Station!  It was amazing - and so fun to be in the Union Train Station (1881).  It was decorated for Halloween and the stately Great Hall of the Union Station houses eclectic shops and dining - including ice cream!

I am dreaming up my next trip here and will "TRAVEL BY TRAIN" as the Union Station sign advertises - to to see a Rockies baseball game at Coors Field (literally 5 mins walk away), or even a Bronco's or Nuggets game, all super close to the Station. 

The LoDo (which is the Lower Downtown Denver area) is all newly revitalised with shops, restaurants and a beautiful walk to the Platte River. Denver was built around the Platte River and there is the Amazing Millennium Bridge and the Riverfront Park along the River. 
All of the places below we went to  - and ate at - and oh man was it a FUN TRIP!  

I suggest eating at THE KITCHEN  "Community through Food" - the FOOD WAS AMAZING and a really clean atmosphere - their philosophy - "gathering around the table and sharing good food is what connects us as family, friends and a community." AGREED!

We also heard from the ice cream guy - that HOPDODDY was the best burger in town and with their funny "HOP DIZZLE FO SIZZLE" sign I am inclined to agree! 

Then below we strolled down the bistro-lit street called Larimer Square and ate at the Osteria Marco - an italian restaurant that was fabulous.
Order the whole roasted artichoke!!  

     The TATTERED COVER a Bookstore extraordinar , a must see on 16th street across from       Union Station and more treats I discovered in the Larimer Street area! Candy and Shoes - what else is there??

Ok and one place YOU HAVE TO GO!! SNOOZE - "It only takes a moment to make a difference" that is their philosophy - AND to make your breakfast YOUR very own!  So I got one eggs benedict and one piece of french toast - both my favorite and LOVED IT ALL!  

My favorite part was being there with Jeff and going to lunch with the DEAREST friend from North Carolina Days - Kathy Crapo! 
Love her and her family - When Jeff and I were first married they were our Home Away From Home Family!
Thank you for being such a great Host Denver...

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