Friday, October 19, 2018

Mega Spaghetti Sauce Recipe !!

All the produce I got at the Murry Farms Market - Open Fridays and Saturdays
and then below are the pictures of me making the sauce. If you have any questions
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MAKES 66 QUARTS (cost is about $2 a jar)
I found it only made 36 jars?  I don’t know why ?

3 boxes of very ripe tomatoes (regular, not Roma, $12 a box at the Murray farmer’s market
1 large bottle of live oil - need a total of 6 cups 
10 lbs. bag of onions - if you cut these in chunks with goggles on you don’t cry
Large bag of fresh garlic cloves (costco) mince myself for a  total of 3 cups ( i only put in about 2 cups of garlic divided evenly into 3 batches)
15 large green bell pepper - again good to get at the farmer market (I got red and yellow and orange ones to mix in. 
15 zucchini and or crooked neck squash ( small to medium in size)
3 22 ounce jars of fresh pesto at costco
1 1/2 10# can of tomato paste (sam’s club or Granattos) about 160 ounces
3 jars of Better than beef bullion (costco)
1 jar of Iliana dry spices - need 1 1/2 cups - I used half of this amount. - I liked a more simple      tasting  sauce 
1 jar of garlic salt - need 1 1/2 cups ( I did not add this and I liked it better- it has plenty of fresh  garlic in my opinion
1 large jar of crushed red peppers  - need 3/4 cups
Ground black pepper  - 1/2 cup (I didn’t add this)
1/4 cup sea salt per batch and this makes 3 batches so you need 3/4 cup

Using a cusinart food processor  - finely chop/mine the onions, green (red and yellow) peppers, and squash and place in 3 separate bowls

Laura make this recipe in three batches  - BELOW is for one batch (or 1.3 of the total)

Fill sink 1/4 full with water and pour in a box tomatoes and let soak or. Remove dirt

In large pan( used my roster pan) heat 2 cups olive oil and then sauté 1/3 onions 10 mins. Add 1 cup garlic ( I only added 3/4 cup)and sauté 5 min. Add 1/3 peppers sauté  for 10 mins. Add 1/3 squash sauté for 10 mins. The add the seasoning I put in 1/4 to 1/2 Italian seasoning. - 1/8th cup red peppers, 1/8th cup black pepper (i don’t any black pepper), 1/2 cup garlic salt (i didn’t add this) 1/4 cup salt and then sauté about 10 mins. Add in 1 jar of beef bullion and 1 jar of pesto!!!  ( VERY IMPORTANT) 

IN THE MEAN TIME, IN BATCHES , PUT TOMATOES IN 4 HORSE POWER  - ( BLENDTEC) blend and purée  - (whole unpeeled with core) fill three 2 gallon water pitchers with tomatoes purée

Put cooked onions mixture in 22 qt. Electric Oven roaster turn on high and add 6 cups (or 1/2 of a 10#of tomato paste and pour puréed tomatoes on top. Mix well to combine to tomatoe paste Cook on night about 60 minutes until it has thickened with lid mostly on to allow water to evaporate, Stir frequently. Check seasoning, add more garlic salt (I didn’t add anything )etc. 

Pour hot sauce I jars. Clean this rims. Put on lids which must be new and put in a hot water bath before adding to jars. Screw on lids on tight.

HOt water bath process for 25 minutes (make sure jars are covered with after and start timer when water is boiling )

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